ACRE Community Assets Campaign launched today

3rd October 2012
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This national awareness raising campaign for village and community halls aims to highlight the value that these vital assets provide to rural community life. Rural communitires in Derbyshire could lose a vital part of their livelihood unless a better and more sustainable way is found to support the thousands of volunteers who run community and village halls.

The campaign focuses on the importance of these local volunteers and their support needs. The Rural Community Action Network,(RCAN), which RAD is part of, provides a support service for volunteers who own and manage rural community buildings but with cuts to its budgets and increasing demand for its services means that its work is under threat. RCAN is calling for Government, local authorities and other policy-makers to work together nationally and locally to decide how best to invest their reduced resources to help maintain the valuable support service RCAN provides.

The campaign was launched on 24th September and will continue until 11th October 2012..

Find out how you can support the campaign here.  You can also view the national press release and download the new Publication accompanying the campaign.from this web-page.