The lowest oil price since the community oil buying scheme started

20th August 2015
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The summer months have always been a more lucrative time to order oil.  The suppliers are not as busy as they are during the cold winter months so they are able to negotiate on price.  Worldwide oil prices are down and domestic heating oil customers are able to take advantage of this.  

Rural Action Derbyshire is delighted to announce that the oil price for August is 28.20 pence per litre (not including VAT at 5%).  

We continue to offer an excellent service for our members and welcome new members.  We are moving over to an online based system in the next couple of months which should make it even easier to manage oil orders in future.  More news on the new scheme will follow soon.  For more information on the Community Oil Buying Scheme, please contact Emma Simpson on 0845 313 8800 or 01629 592970 or email