Consultation closes on 24th April

15th March 2016
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DCC asks Derbyshire residents for their views

Derbyshire County Council is having to deal with the increasing pressure of budget cuts.  As a result of this they are asking residents to share their views on proposals to stop paying for local bus services and community transport.

DCC is inviting residents to take part in a consultation process.  To participate please go to the DCC website here.  The consultation is open until Sunday 24th April.

By 2020, the funding DCC receive from central government is expected to be more than a third less than in 2010.  This means they need to review what they spend on paying for local subsidised buses.

In order to help save £4.4m on transport costs DCC proposals are:

  • Withdraw all county council funding for subsidised buses from October 2017. This means that unless they can be run commercially they will stop.
  • Withdraw all county council funding for Dial-a-Bus (DAB) services from October. This means that unless they can be funded from elsewhere they will stop.
  • Provide some funding - £1.3m - for a new Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) service. This could be used by passengers currently using subsidised buses and those using DAB.
  • Provide a new Door-to-Door Plus service for people who currently use DAB but would be unable to use the proposed DRT service.