What will volunteers actually have to do?

11th September 2012
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Volunteers will be invited to attend a half day training course.  You will be given a geographical area to cover, depending on the time you can offer us. Whilst there, you will identify people who are likely to be in a position to recognise those in the community who will need support. You will talk to key people in each community, such as the local postmaster, community group organisers, voluntary sector service providers, volunteers, shopkeepers, publicans, priests, parish councillors and others who are actively involved in community life.

These people will be asked to spread the message in turn and it’s through these community connections and your support that we will identify those who may require additional help.

You will be supplied with leaflets and posters to give out and also business cards / photo identification.

As the programme manager,  Rural Action Derbyshire has to track progress and will ask you to report on your activity on a weekly basis. This will involve recording where you have been, who you have met and any success stories/anecdotes.

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