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8th September 2016
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Rural Action Derbyshire has been busy getting social

For a little while now we have been getting familiar with Facebook and Twitter. Although these social media platforms have been around for several years, it has taken us a bit of time to work out how it could be helpful to us and our audience.

It's a great way of finding out about funding, activities, news, jobs and events. Twitter is also proving to be a useful platform for widening our own audience and spreading the word about the work we do and the people we are helping. We do seem to pick up quite a few followers that seem to have little or no connection with our work (some from other far away countries), but we are happy to share our information with anyone who cares to 'follow' us.

The 160 character limit to Tweets has taken a bit of getting used to. It's quite a challenge to fit in the key message as well as add a link to a website and even a photo. 

Facebook has scope to say more, but it seems to be taking longer to increase our audience. I think it is because to have a 'company' page, you have to first have an individual 'profile' page. You can have 'friends' on an individual profile page, but only 'likes' on a 'company' page.

Personally, I prefer Facebook for my own non-professional social media activity and use Twitter rarely. But for the purposes of promoting RAD, I find Twitter to be a more beneficial platform.

There are numerous other digital platforms, channels or whatever is the current terminology for them, but for the time being, RAD will only be active on Twitter and Facebook.

RAD has a main account on Twitter and Facebook, as well as some additional accounts for the projects. If you would like to 'follow' us or 'like' us, across any of all of our work, please find the links below:

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