A New Approach for All: A collaborative document by community members living in Derby & Derbyshire

10th May 2017
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Across England, plans to change the landscape of Health and Social Care have been drawn up by officials. These plans are called ‘Sustainability Transformation Plans’ (STPs). Locally, Derbyshire’s plan is called ‘Joined Up Care Derbyshire’.

Community representatives around the country are concerned that:

This document focuses on putting community-led solutions for Derby & Derbyshire at the heart of the Joined Up Care Derbyshire plan. The intention is to ensure local communities are at the forefront of the changes ahead.

About Us

This document has been co-written by community representatives across Derby & Derbyshire. In particular, local carers have driven the vision behind the document. We believe the Voluntary, Community and Faith Sectors (VCFS) best represent communities. (For an explanation about what is meant by the VCFS see page 6). We refer to the VCFS, and the importance of ensuring it’s fully engaged in developing the Joined Up Care Derbyshire plan, throughout this document.


We want this plan to merge with the original Joined Up Care Derbyshire plan and then for the merged document to be consulted on.

We’re aiming to achieve the following goals by setting out our vision for better care in Derby & Derbyshire. We want to:

Like the original Joined Up Care Derbyshire plan, this is an evolving document that will change as new developments take place and as new community voices emerge.

New Approaches for Overview

To read the Action Plan, click here

If you live in Derby/Derbyshire and want to feed your voice into the plan, please email v.snowden88@gmail.com.