Community Led Planning

26th March 2015
Community Led Planning

Rural Action Derbyshire has a leading role in developing Community-Led Plans (also known as Parish Plans) in Derbyshire. Community Led Planning is an opportunity for the community to set out a shared vision for the next 5 – 10 years and creating a realistic plan for achieving this vision.

Community Led Planning was pioneered by Rural Community Councils to enable communities develop their own vision for the future, a process now formally recognised through parish planning. As part of our work, RAD promotes Community Led Plans to communities and supports them through the process, as well as brokering engagement between service providers and local communities at all stages.

The Government wants local communities to have more control of their own lives, to say what they want doing in their own community or parish and to work with other organisations to get it done.

Community Led Plans give an opportunity for everyone in your community to make themselves heard. They provide a way for you to say if you want more open spaces, more effective public transport, affordable housing, better access to health care, a chance to buy local produce at local shops and to choose how your community helps everyone in it to relax and make the most of their social and leisure time.

Our Rural Officers have many years of expertise in commuity planning processes, and are on hand to advise local groups and Parish Councils on best practice in creating their own Community-Led Plan. Click here to learn more about why you should produce a plan.

Rural Action Derbyshire provides training workshops on community led planning. Check our events page or email Joe Dugdale (details below) for details of any forthcoming events.

To find out more about previous workshops click here.


If you would like to find out more about Community Led Planning please contact either:

Joe Dugdale
Telephone: 01629 592974

Helena Stubbs
T: 01629 592973

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