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27th January 2015

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Rural Evidence (OCSI Data) UPDATE 

Additional reports are also available covering Rural Economy and Health - these can be configured to cover local authority areas, LEP areas, Clinical Commissioning Group areas - whichever best suits your needs.

For more information speak to Joe Dugdale on 01629 592974 or by email to j.dugdale@ruralactionderbyshire.org.uk

About OCSI Reports

Have you ever wondered where you can readily access the necessary evidence to back up an idea or support a project in your local community?  The Evidencing Rural Need Project does just this by providing the summary information needed to effectively represent rural issues in local and regional programme strategy, planning and prioritisation.  It was developed by ACRE, its membersin Rural Community Action Network (RCAN) and Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion (OCSI).  It shows the real socio-economic picture of rural England - its areas of deprevation, the economy and access to services.

Currently there are six types of report available including those examining rural deprivation, profiles of places and parishes, the rural economy and access to services.  More categories including health profiles are planned in the near future.  What is unique to this data set is that it can be broken down to specific areas such as settlement, parish, local authority, parliamentary constituency and other detailed areas required.  Its flexibility means that evidence gathering is targeted precisely to where you need the information from.

How to access the data

In Derbyshire, the reports are the property of RAD.  Each OCSI report costs £100 for a RAD member of £120 to a non-member.  If you are likely to want a number of reports, we may be able to offer a special deal.

Who can access the data?

Any organisation or individual can access OCSI data whether a Local Authority, a voluntary and community organisation, a business, a researcher or member of the public.

View a sample report.