Community Oil Buying Scheme

2nd March 2017
Community Oil Buying & LPG Scheme

Are you off the gas grid and reliant on oil or LPG to heat your home, office or community building?

Rural Action Derbyshire runs a community oil buying scheme, ordering oil every 2 weeks to help ensure rural properties can buy oil at a competitive price, every time. 



LPG? You can also buy LPG cylinders and bulk through us. For more information CLICK HERE.

in November 2011, Rural Action Derbyshire launched a countywide bulk oil buying scheme for users of domestic heating oil (kerosene). The scheme aims to help people living off the gas grid save money on the cost of their heating bills by making the most of joint buying power to shave pennies off the price per litre. 

We believe that finding a way to keep fuel costs as low as possible is particularly important in rural areas, where many households don’t have mains gas. Research commissioned by our national RCC network has shown that 35% of the households in Derbyshire don't have mains gas and that more than half of the people living in fuel poverty in the county live in rural areas.

We buy oil every two weeks, except during the quieter summer months of July and August, and then again in December when we only order oil once. We order between 40,000 and 110,000 litres of fuel each month, depending on the season. Members get the same price per litre whether they order 500 or 2000 litres. The amount we can save you will depend on market forces and supply and demand, but we can assure you that we will always be able to supply oil at a very competitive price, A full list of prices secured since the scheme began is available from our office.  

We do not charge a membership fee, but we do add a small levy onto the oil order each month as a service charge for administering the scheme.  The price you are quoted for your oil include this levy. We are a charity and we do not make a profit from this scheme, but we do need to cover the costs of running it.

The more members we have, the more buying power we have to negotiate a better price.  If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.  Tell your friends, neighbours and the wider community so that everyone can benefit.  If you are currently a member of a local bulk oil buying scheme, speak to your coordinator about the prices they have been able to achieve and then compare with ours.  

 How does it work?

Although we always try to be the cheapest, we cannot guarantee that we will be. You can of course choose to order oil from other sources and it is possible you could get your oil cheaper depending on where you live, when you order and how much you order.

If you ever wish to cancel your order, simply log on to your account, go the orders page and then when you scroll down to your current order just click on the green cancel button next to the order on the right hand side. You can cancel this way at any time up to the time the order window closes. If you wish to cancel your order after the order window has closed, but before payment has been made, telephone 01629 597970 or email If you have not been able to get hold of anyone or have not had confirmation that your order has been cancelled, please contact my colleagues at Olive by email or leave a message on 01629 706456.

For more information please contact us on 01629 592970 or email

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