Smart Meter Rollout

10th October 2016
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ACRE and Rural Action Derbyshire join with Smart Energy GB to help communities in the countryside benefit from smart meters

Smart Energy GB, the voice of Britain’s smart meter rollout, has announced a partnership with Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE). The partnership will allow people living in rural communities across England to learn more about the benefits of smart meters. Rural Action Derbyshire will be working with rural communities across Derbyshire to advise them on the benefits of smart meters.

Every home in Great Britain will be offered a smart meter, at no additional cost, by 2020. Smart meters bring an end to estimated bills and show people how much energy they are using in pounds and pence, in near real time.

ACRE is the national body for the 38 Rural Community Councils who make up the ACRE Network. They reach 11,000 rural communities and support 80,000 community volunteers across rural England.

Smart Energy GB will work with ACRE to provide information on smart meters through:

Sacha Deshmukh, Chief Executive of Smart Energy GB, said: “This partnership with ACRE will help get the smart meter message out to rural communities across England. We particularly want to reach those who aren’t connected to the gas mains and may not be aware of how they can benefit from smart meters to get their electricity use under control.”

Richard Quallington, Interim Chief Executive of ACRE said: “ACRE welcomes this partnership with Smart Energy GB, which will enable us to promote smart meters and inform residents in rural areas about the benefits of installing a smart meter to manage their energy consumption. Our members are the trusted local voice to deliver information and guidance to help people to manage and reduce their energy consumption.”

Emma Simpson, Project Officer for the RAD Oil Buying Scheme said: “Our oil buying members are off the gas grid and in remote, rural parts of Derbyshire. It’s important for all of them to understand the benefits of smart meters for their electricity supply and how they can get one.”

For more information, go to the Smart Energy GB website here, or read more on the RAD website here.