Super Kitchen coming to a community near you.

16th December 2015
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Set up a social eating enterprise using surplus food

Super Kitchen, in partnership with FareShare in Derbyshire is coming to Derbyshire to share their social eating vision through the Feeding Derbyshire Strategy.

Super Kitchen, a project of Eudaimonia, is a membership-based network that supports groups to set up and run their very own social eating space with the aim of creating and sustaining a social eating movement through partnership working.  A Super Kitchen is a kitchen that runs primarily on some of the hundreds of thousands tons of 'perfectly good to eat' surplus food that the food industry creates each year.

In partnership with FareShare in Derbyshire who supply to kitchens, and Derbyshire County Council, Super Kitchen encourage the use of his fantastic food resource - tackling hunger, food waste and social isolation through the promotion of social eating spaces and activities. There is a huge cascade of positive effects for customers; ranging from increased feelings of inclusion and wellbeing, the development of informal support networks, modelling good table manners to children, to the more obvious delivery of a high quality, hot meal to those that may be struggling to nourish themselves through lack of education or ability.  In these times of food poverty, it is vital that children can get easy access to a second meal after school or during holiday times or that neighbours can take a freshly made meal home to an elderly relative.

Super Kitchen aims to build their network of members throughout Derbyshire and to continue to form collaborative relationships with schools, local youth services, homeless charities, food banks and Church groups and support the Feeding Derbyshire Strategy with their experience and passion for social eating.

What is a Super Kitchen?

A Super Kitchen, in its most simple form, is a social space where people can come and access a meal made from surplus food and sit and share that meal with other people. Whether this is run as a once-a-week social eating event, integrated as a daily special in an already existing cafe menu or "popped up" as a one-off special. They can fit into an existing food business that has a kitchen registered with the local authority and space for enough tables and chairs to accommodate the customers.

How much food is delivered and how much does it cost?

The food is delivered to a venue directly as a weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery.  A fortnightly delivery of food will equate to 6 tonnes of food and drink a year, split into fortnightly deliveries.  

Standard membership is £1500 for 2015, going up to £1850 a year in 2016.

For more information

Have a look at the Super Kitchen WELCOME PACK brochure.  To go to the Super Kitchen website click here.To contact Super Kitchen direct call 01909 485335 or email