Village SOS support ends August 2016 - register now!

7th March 2016
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Increasingly, people are coming together to provide much-needed services in local communities. This may be achieved through the establishment of a new group, or by an existing group looking to expand a service or facility. Village SOS (VSOS) is a 2 year Big Lottery Funded Campaign to encourage the development of community enterprise across the UK. It can offer some free project support and a small amount of funding to help with developmental costs, such as training expenses and travel costs to visit similar projects operating elsewhere (case studies). VSOS can also link the project group up with an experienced Mentor to offer bespoke support and advice to the group.

What is a Community Enterprise

  • Shops, pubs, broadband providers, woods, libraries, education centres.
  • Windfarms, farms, tourist information centres, solar energy providers, cafes,
  • Cinemas, ferries, care homes, toilets, garages, bakeries, transport providers.
  • Football clubs, sports centres and facilities, community allotments/orchards.
  • Etc….
  • Projects can range in size from

  • Large scale projects, e.g. may involve buying up publicly owned assets, developing a community energy project, taking over the management of your local pub or shop, to
  • Small scale projects, e.g. refurbishing a village hall in order to increase services, running a mobile library, food projects.
  • If you are interested in learning more about the VSOS Campaign, visit the VSOS website. People with or without project ideas, are being encouraged to sign up as Members in order to receive regular project updates, news and information. You will also receive the ‘How to create a successful Community Enterprise’ booklet which contains lots of great case studies to help people come up with their own ideas. The website also lists VSOS events that are being run across the UK which some of you may find worthwhile attending.

    Please note: the VSOS Campaign is coming to an end in August 2016. Therefore, this opportunity is time limited and you will need to act fast in order to benefit from this free offer. The sooner the better!

    If you already have a project idea that you would like to discuss or are uncertain about the VSOS package of support, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Helena Stubbs at RAD at or on 01629 592973.

    Please feel free to pass this message onto other individuals or groups you know of in your community that may benefit from this free support.