The high cost of heating

The headlines in Autumn 2021 have been mostly about the increase in energy costs, shortage of drivers affecting food prices (and availability) as well as the ending of the £20 Universal Credits uplift and the end of the Government's furlough scheme. The perfect storm for households that are already struggling to make ends meet.

The shortage of fuel at petrol stations is another sign that we can’t take the provision of affordable fuel and energy for granted. How many of you have had to queue at a petrol station? And did you notice that many (but not all) petrol stations seemed to increase the price of petrol almost overnight as a result?

There are many households across Derbyshire that rely on kerosene to heat their homes. This has always been subject to variable pricing which is influenced by local, national and even international events.

During the early stages of the first covid lockdown the price of heating oil dropped significantly due to the drop in demand globally. In April it was as low as 17 pence per litre making the cost of 500 litres an astonishing low of £89.25 (inc VAT). 

In October 2021 the price was a staggering 69 pence per litre meaning 500 litres was a massive £362.25, a difference of £273.

The average price for heating oil in the last 5 years is about 40 pence per litre, so householders paying about £210 for 500 litres. This is what most people come to expect, the very low price at the start of covid was a welcome bonus, but this most recent price hike will cause great hardship for some now as the temperature drops.

Our Oil Buying Scheme buys heating oil collectively for members every 2 weeks ensuring everyone has access to affordable oil. To it is free to register and open to any home or business throughout Derbyshire. To Register, simply click the link below.


We have an Oil Bank to help support people who rely on heating oil, but are struggling to make ends meet. This is largely funded by donations from existing members who donate additional litres of oil to their own order, but we also welcome donations of money to top up the pot.

This winter there will be many households turning their heating down, or even off.

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