The high cost of heating

The high cost of energy bills is big news. As well as the gas and electricity prices going up by 54% on 1 April 2022, the cost of heating oil has gone up by about 400%. Based on the average oil price the last few years, the cost of 500 litres (the minimum order quantity) was about £220. Now (May 2022) it's more like £550.  The average home uses about 2000 litres of heating oil a year which for many is going to be unaffordable.

There are many households across Derbyshire that rely on kerosene to heat their homes, in the Derbyshire Dales 40% of property is off the mains gas network.

Oil has always been subject to variable pricing which is influenced by local, national and even international events. Since Russia invaded Ukraine on 24th February the cost of oil has sky rocketed.

In the last year alone, even before this, the oil price rose by 60% between February 2021 and February 2022.  

With the minimum order of 500 litres now costing well over £500 many households just won't be able to afford to it. This means no central heating. Would you want to live through a Derbyshire winter with no central heating?

We are asking for donations to top up our 'Oil Bank' so we can buy 500 litres of oil for those people who just can't afford it.

Whether you can afford £5 or £500, every donation will go directly towards helping a family heat their home this winter.

Our Oil Buying Scheme buys heating oil collectively for members every 2 weeks ensuring everyone has access to affordable oil. To it is free to register and open to any home or business throughout Derbyshire. To Register, simply click the link below.


We have an Oil Bank to help support people who rely on heating oil, but are struggling to make ends meet. This is largely funded by donations from existing members who donate additional litres of oil to their own order, but we also welcome donations of money to top up the pot.

This winter there will be many households turning their heating down, or even off.

To donate, please click on the green button towards the top of this page on the right.

Thank you.