Do you have plans for the King’s Coronation? Hosting a street party, perhaps? Or getting some friends over to watch the procession on TV? It’s a momentous occasion for the country, and a great reason to meet up with loved ones and those we care about most. 

If you’re unsure of how to celebrate, though, why not head to your local village hall? Focal points in their communities, these charming buildings are bringing people together across Derbyshire to commemorate this historic moment. Take England’s “oldest village hall”, St Margaret's in Alderwasley, for example. They are hosting a Big Coronation Lunch, offering a quintessentially British bash with morris dancing, music and fancy dress for kids. Or Great Longstone Village Hall, where locals are invited to watch the Coronation together, gathering under one roof to view the ceremony. Wherever you look, community buildings are providing exactly that: community. 

The Coronation is just one example of the importance of village halls. Every week, these social hubs offer residents the chance to try new things, learn new skills, and meet new people. In fact, in 60% of villages, they are the only place where local people can meet up. Their value to all of us cannot be overstated. 

Yet these pillars of the community continue to face a range of challenges. Often run entirely by volunteers, recruiting future generations of guardians can prove difficult. Navigating the legal issues associated with managing an organisation like this isn’t always easy, either. And, especially in the current economic climate, there are barriers to raising funds for necessary modernisation and improvement works. 

"Let’s celebrate the King’s Coronation together, as communities, in the buildings designed for exactly that"

That’s where we at Rural Action Derbyshire come in. The only countywide charity dedicated to supporting countryside communities, we provide vital advice, guidance and resources through our long-running Community Buildings Advisory Service. Those who join our Village Halls Membership Scheme gain discounts to training and events, receive invites to networking opportunities, and get access to updates on legislation changes, funding information and more. If you’re a community building committee member, sign up now to avoid missing out. Or, if you’re a village hall user, please consider donating to us, so we can continue to ensure village halls remain pillars within their communities. 

And if you have an open schedule on Saturday 6 May, why not make the most of all the exciting events these halls have to offer? You can use a handy online tool, available at, for discovering everything going on in your local area. This includes an interactive map spotlighting where each event is taking place across Derbyshire - from Glossop in the north to Swadlincote in the south. Let’s celebrate the King’s Coronation together, as communities, in the buildings designed for exactly that. 

Village Halls Membership Scheme