Recruiting & Induction of new trustees

The pandemic has created many difficulties for village halls, especially in this ever changing legislative environment. Not only do trustees have to introduce a miriad of practical measures in order for them to reopen premises in a Covid-19 secure manner, but committees are equally challenged to operate within their governing document. 

This is certainly a time when good governance practice is worth its weight in gold: enabling trustees to focus on what is important in a measured and effective manner.

This session will include operational issues such as: Trustee recruitment, holding AGMs & Annual Reporting, Trustee meetings & decision making and Trustee induction in light of the Covid-19 restrictions.

Remote or virtual meetings - depending upon your charity, it might be possible to amend the governing document in order to permit the use of electronic methods for trustee meetings? 

Thanks to Foundation Derbyshire for funding to allow us to offer this training session for FREEl

Booking for this event has now closed.