The very first #VillageHallsWeek took place in January 2018. It was an opportunity to celebrate the hard work of thousands of volunteers who work hard behind the scenes.

In January 2018 RAD held events at two halls in Derbyshire to bring together volunteers from around the county to discuss the hot topics, share experiences and ideas and find out about the support that is available to them from us.

One of the most valuable aspects of the events was for the halls to work together in groups to discuss the key issues they face keep their halls running effectively and sustainably. Like many other rural services and businesses, some community buildings are struggling to keep going. With the loss of banks, post offices, pubs and shops, community buildings are becoming one of the few community spaces left in the more rural and isolated areas. We must continue to work hard to support this valuable resource.

We had a lovely cake made for #VHW by one of the volunteers at Dalbury Lees to go with many other tasty treats available at the event. Food along with lots of cups of tea are synonymous with village hall activities.

A Special Poem

Yorkshireman, Ian McMillan was commissioned to write a poem to capture the spirit of village halls and community buildings. The poem was read out on Radio 4 and generated a great response from listeners. It was also featured on many local radio stations too. 

A Teapot as bit as the Moon, a great title that encapsulates the friendly atmosphere in the 'community hub' that provides a warm welcome to young and old alike. From exercise class to cinema and theatre shows, children's parties and wedding receptions to MP's surgery and library service.  The wonderful world of village halls and community buildings. 


#VillageHallsWeek will fall on 22nd January every year and run for 7 days. Each year will have a different theme and involve activities taking place throughout England, but we will of course be joining with Derbyshire halls to share their events and activities.

Get in Touch

If your local hall is running any activity between 22nd January and 28th January 2019, whether it is specifically for #VillageHallsWeek or just something that is happening anyway, please share it with us. You can either email us, phone us (01629 592973) or message us through Facebook or Twitter.  We would love to be able to share and promote your activities.