Claire originally joined RAD in June 2008 and has run various projects throughout Derbyshire, working with a range of people and partners. Usually the projects include training. She has been working in the voluntary sector for over 15 years, initially at BEST (a community education centre) and then for a coutywide umbrella organisation which secured European funding for adult education in the community projects. 

She is currently working on The Money House, a project which aims to prevent debt and homelessness among young people across the county. It offers a 5 day accredited course in a 'real flat' for young people making a move to supported or independent living. It aims to equip them with the skills, know-how and contacts to make a success of their first tenancy.

Claire says, "One of the things I love about working for RAD is the wide range of projects that I've been involved in. That, and the fact that I get to see a lot of the Derbyshire countryside."

Claire is a keen walker and has converted an old military ambulance into a camper van (because she enjoys being out of the city, but is getting too old for tents!). She has recently taken up lindy hop dancing (great fun and exercise) and after completing a traditional signwriting course is also currently working an a hand painted sign for a friend's pottery studio.

To contact Claire, email [email protected] or call 07960 584141 or 01629 592978.