The Community Oil Buying Scheme works with Olive (trading name of eSmartMetrics Ltd), a small company based in Carsington to provide an efficient and competitive oil buying option for anyone in Derbyshire relying on kerosese to for their heating, hot water and or cooking. 

RAD and Olive launched the new internet based system in October 2015. Olive run the website and negotiate with the suppliers. They have also developed a 'smart' oil tank sensor/smart meter that links via the internet to your computer giving you an extensive range of information on your oil usage. If set up to pay for your oil buy direct debit, there is also a facility to set up automatic oil orders so you have peace of mind you will never run out.

The scheme couldn't work without the involvement of a number of oil suppliers that can deliver to properties throughout Derbyshire. These suppliers work with us to provide our members with the best possible price for oil.


We work with Swift Energy Consultants and FloGas to try and get the best possible deal for households using LPG for their heating/cooking needs. Competitive prices are available for the cylinders, but more significantly for bulk LPG contracts.  

Swift Energy Consultants was set up in 2009 by two friends, Paul Cross and James Robertson. Swift Energy provides fuel solutions to the off grid communities in Warwickshire, Shropshire and Derbyshire. The concept was to develop a LPG buying group, similar to that seen within the oil market. Swift work alongside RAD and Flogas, supplying competitive bulk LPG contracts. To compliment the oil customers, some of whom use LPG for cooking, Swift also supply LPG cyclinders.