Is this the end of the road for voluntary sector funding in Derbyshire?

It is potentially devastating news for voluntary organisations and community groups across Derbyshire. Today, Tuesday 28th May 2024, a 12-week consultation period opens.

The consultation is open to anyone who lives in Derbyshire (not Derby City).

Due to Derbyshire County Council's financial situation, they are considering how to prioritise spending on services they are required to provide by law against those that they are not required by law to deliver.

The impact of this could be catastrophic for the voluntary sector across Derbyshire AND the thousands of people they support.

The consultation is called "End of discretionary grant funding". The Council seem to be clear about what their intentions are. If we have any chance of changing their mind we need as many people as possible to complete the consultation.  

What do they want to stop funding?

The proposal is to stop adult social care grants, which would affect 30 community and voluntary groups. In total these currently receive annual grants totalling just over £722,000.

A further 20 groups would be affected by the proposal to stop corporate services and transformation grants. These receive grants totalling just over £333,000.

Seven of the organisations are affected by both proposals.

Rural Action Derbyshire currently receives £15,378 through the Corporate Services and Transformation grants scheme. This goes towards our infrastructure work to enable us to support the network of village halls and community buildings. We also run our Community Oil Buying Scheme and do work around rural fuel poverty. This work is not directly funded by anyone, but is a really important part of our core work.

If the DCC funding was to end it would be very difficult for us to continue that work or to participate in any infrastructure networks, emergency response forums or work collaboratively across sectors. The strength of our response to the pandemic and the cost of living crisis has relied upon these strong linkages.  

PLEASE, take 5 mins to read the information on the Council's website and then complete the consultation. Paper versions of the consultation are available to people who do not have access to a digital device.

To go straight to the consultation (it takes less than 5 minutes):

There are library drop-in sessions run by DCC to help people take part in the consultation, between 10am and midday at: