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Page updated 8th January 2021.

National Lockdown from 5.1.21 as applied to Community Halls.

Community centres and village halls must close except for a limited number of exempt activities, set out below. As always, the information below is our best understanding at today’s date and subject to changes in PHE regulations and Government Guidance.

Activities for which halls may remain open

They effectively put all England into Tier 4 with a few strengthened provisions. The three key additions for areas already in Tier 4 (see below for Tier 4 restrictions) are:

  • that all outdoor sports courts and pitches and outdoor gyms have to close
  • that supervised out of school activities for children can only serve children entitled to attend school i.e., vulnerable children and children of critical workers. The list of critical workers is wider than that of the Spring 2020 lockdown and now includes, for example, teachers.
  • a ban on sale of takeaway alcohol or through click and collect services.

Government Guidance for Community Facilities, Grass-roots Sports etc. has only been adjusted to show there is now a national lockdown. Previous information about the tier system remains in these documents, which could cause confusion, but the flag under the heading about national lockdown supersedes it. (The PHE Regulations expire on 31st March and the fact that tier information remains in place may indicate that unlocking will be a tiered process through to that date).

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Tier 4 Information Sheet  4th January 2021

ACRE Information Sheet No 8      20th December 2020

(the current Lockdown restrictions supersedes this information, however it is likely that once Lockdown has finished, the information in this Sheet will apply)


The documents highlighted in ORANGE are the latest updates, but please be aware all information is subject to amendment/update as a result of the changeable environment.

We will update the documents as and when we receive the appropriate guidance/updates ourselves. We will also send out emails when any significant changes are made so please make sure you are signed up to receive our email updates.

Appendix_A_V2_4.7.20_Reopening_Checklist.docx      6th July

Appendix_B_V2_4.7.20_Hirers_Survey.docx      6th July

Appendix_C_covidsecureposter_16.12.20.docx      20th December

Appendix_D_Social_Distancing_Activities_16.12.20.pdf      20th December

Appendix_E_Special_Hire_Conditions-QRcodes_30.9.20.docx     1st October

Appendix_F_Risk_Assessment_for_Hall_Committees_V6_Sept_2020.pdf    18th September

Appendix_G_Risk_Assessment_for_Hall_Hirers_Sept_2020.pdf    18th September

Appendix_H_Opening_your_Village_Hall_after_lockdown.docx    3rd July

Appendix_I_Opening_your_Village_Hall_after_lockdown.docx    3rd July

 Appendix_I_Performances_16.12.20.docx   20th December

Appendix_K_Exercise_v8_16.12.20.docx      20th December


Appendix_M_TestTrace_3.9.2.docx      1st October 2020

legionella-guidance-covid-19.pdf    3rd July

Guides on reopening Halls and Churches - 20th August

Please find below two excellent guides to help halls and churches with re-opening preparations.


The Safer Community Centres guide: A comprehensive guide for village halls and community buildings.

Click Here

NHS Test & Trace Service

NHS Test and Trace is a key part of the country’s on-going COVID-19 response. If we can rapidly detect people who have recently come into close contact with a new COVID-19 case, we can take swift action to minimise transmission of the virus. This is important as lockdown measures are eased and will help us return to a more normal way of life and reduce the risk of needing local lockdowns in future. Please refer to the document below: (Added 6th July 2020)


Useful information for user groups

The Government has also published new guidance for organisations or individuals who provide community activities, tuition, holiday clubs or after-school clubs for children, as well as their staff and volunteers, which acknowledges that these are often held in village and church halls. Please click the link below: