Return to Plan A - restrictions on face coverings and COVID Passes changed on 27th January

Page last updated 1st February 2022
  • From 27 January and because of the success of the booster roll-out, all measures under Plan B have been lifted, meaning face coverings are no longer mandatory in indoor venues
  • COVID Passes are now voluntary for large events and nightclubs and people are no longer being advised to work from home

The latest Government guidance (17th Jan) for households with possible Covid-19 provides details on when to stay at home, test, etc. depending on whether a person has Covid-19 symptoms; has tested positive; or someone in their household has tested positive. What's required also depends on vaccination status.

Further to the 5th January Briefing, ACRE issued additional advice on 24th Jan 2022 on the wearing of face coverings and government support to businesses (see Green Button below).

Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant - Details of this new grant scheme to support the hospitality and leisure sector in England were announced on 31st December 2021. One-off grants are available to businesses and organisations on the rating valuation list (as with previous Hospitality and Leisure Grants). Village halls, scout halls and similar premises are included in the list of eligible leisure businesses/organisations at Annex A of the guidance to local authorities

Decisions will be at the discretion of your local authority, which are expected to exercise reasonable judgement. All businesses will be required to self-certify that they meet all eligibility criteria and local authorities must verify the evidence provided as part of prepayment checks. It is expected that Local Authorities will provide local businesses with grant funding as soon as possible.

The application closure date for this scheme is 28 February 2022. Grants cannot be awarded or offers issued after this date.

Coronavirus Additional Restrictions Grant - available to support businesses and organisations which do not quality for other forms of support such as the Hospitality and Leisure Grant. Church halls, Sports and Social Clubs which do not have a rating valuation of their own may be eligible. Again, grants are at the discretion of your own local authority, to whom any enquiries should be directed. 

ACRE have prepared more detailed information and advice based on the latest regulations passed by government.

Although there are no substantial differences to what has been previously provided, it is recommend hall management committees refer to the latest resources which can be downloaded below:

ACRE Lifting Plan B - 24th Jan

ACRE Covid Briefing - 05.01.22

ACRE Information Sheet - 16.12.21

Appendix C Sample Poster - 16.12.21

Appendix E Sample Special Conditions of Hire - 16.12.21

The briefing covers the requirement for face coverings and guidance on the ventilation of enclosed spaces as well as some responses to FAQs raised in recent days.

ACRE Briefing Update - Covid-19 Winter Plan

Covid Pass - The government has issued further guidance about using the NHS Covid Pass here.  

This confirms the view given in the recent Briefing that its use is unlikely to be appropriate at village and community halls, where events are less crowded and whose facilities and services are normally designed to be accessible to all.

 If a specific event fulfils one of the criteria (shown below) the question of who/how to steward and apply the exceptions (listed in the guidance) would need to be addressed.  
The section "Use of the NHS COVID Pass is voluntary for individual organisations" explains that its use is encouraged in facilities or events "where people are likely to be in close proximity to a large number of people from other households for a sustained period of time.

This is likely to include settings that have the following characteristics:

  • Crowded, unstructured indoor settings such as nightclubs and music venues.
  • Large unstructured outdoor events such as business events and festivals.
  • Very large structured events such as business events, music and spectator sport events.

There are some settings where the NHS COVID Pass should not be used as a condition of entry, in order to ensure access for all. This includes essential services and essential retailers which have been able to stay open throughout the pandemic.

If you use the NHS COVID Pass, you should ensure that you comply with all relevant legal obligations and guidance, including on equalities.

ACRE Information Sheet V11 - Update for Village & Community Halls July 2021

NHS Poster - Covid-19 Response: Autumn 2021 (September 2021)

The country is leaning to live with coronavirus and the main line of defence is vaccination. This new poster displays the safer behaviours, actions and practical steps we can all take to help protect ourselves and others. They reflect the latest Government guidance in Plan A of the Covid-19: Autumn & Winter Plan.

If halls want to remind users of how they should behave whilst on the premises, download the poster here.

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The documents highlighted in ORANGE are the latest updates, but please be aware all information is subject to amendment/update as a result of the changeable environment.

We will update the documents as and when we receive the appropriate guidance/updates ourselves. We will also send out emails when any significant changes are made so please make sure you are signed up to receive our email updates.

Appendix A Reopening Checklist  July 2021

Appendix B Re-Opening Questionaire    July 2021

Appendix C - remove MUST from Point 6 of the Poster  

Appendix D The Practicalities   July 2021

Appendix E - please adjust Special Condition 14 to reflect that face coverings are no longer mandatory but are still recommended in crowded areas

Appendix F Risk Assessment for Hall Committees  July 2021

Appendix G Risk Assessment for Hall Hirers    July 2021

Appendix H First Aid Box  July 2021

Appendix I Play Poster   July 2021

Appendix J   REMOVED

Appendix K    REMOVED

Appendix L Treatment Plan July 2021

Appendix M Test and Trace   July 2021

legionella-guidance-covid-19.pdf    3rd July

Guides on reopening Halls and Churches - 20th August

Please find below two excellent guides to help halls and churches with re-opening preparations.


The Safer Community Centres guide: A comprehensive guide for village halls and community buildings.

Click Here