Budget Buddy Training

The course equips attendees on money, debt, budgeting and associated issues to help others and/or themselves on these matters, they will not be trained as debt advisors who give specific advice but on how to support people with money matters (by providing information and guidance) and how to refer people to specialist debt advisors and other relevant support services - so people can be supported in the whole and be released to move their lives forward.

It is suitable for everyone, whether front-line workers, volunteer staff, service users or interested parties.

This day course covers:

  • Identify the common causes and effects of debt.
  • Describe where to find and how to collect the information needed to prepare a budget and identify expenditure that should be given priority.
  • Explain to others the benefits of preparing a budget and describe circumstances that would require the budget to be redrawn.
  • Accurately prepare a budget form from the information collected.
  • Explain the need for the budget to reflect the life of the family concerned.
  • Look for ways that a person could increase their income (including an awareness of welfare benefits and Tax Credits that might be appropriate) or decrease their expenditure. Understand the broad debt advice process,
  • Identify situations that need urgent referral and the specialist agencies that could provide help.
  • List the information that the supporting agencies are likely to require.
  • Recognising the difference between advice and information for the protection of the organisation and individual.


When: Thursday 20 September 2018, 9.15am registration, for a 9.30am start, and finishing by 4.30pm.

Where: Pinxton Village Hall, 3 Kirkstead Road, Pinxton, Derbyshire, NG16 6NA. Tea, coffee, etc. and a buffet lunch will be provided (free).

To book: please email [email protected]. If you wish to book, please advise if you have any dietary or access requirements.

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