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It's a busy time for us

Everyone at Rural Action Derbyshire is working hard to ensure that we are providing as much support as we can during the pandemic. Our CEO, Beverley Parker spoke of what RAD was prioritising at the point the Government advice was to work from home. Read the article here. Her blog before Easter covered some of the work streams RAD is concentrating on and how she is juggling working from home and lambing at their farm. Read her blog here.

Some of RAD's work continues supporting people in Derbyshire, although face to face meetings can no longer take place. Below is a summary with links to project pages where more details of our work is available. Some of our work has had to be put on hold due to the current restrictions in place. We will update our website as and when changes happen.

Derbyshire Rural Chaplaincy continues to provide support to farmers within Derbyshire. During this timefarmers are worried about how they are going to manage the farm if they, or one of their family, become ill. There has also been a sudden and dramatic decline in the demand for produce within the hospitality sector leading to a significant drop in market prices for livestock. 

The Willow Project aims to raise awareness about the different challenges victims of domestic abuse face in rural areas around Derbyshire. There has been a significant rise in reports of domestic abuse since the lockdown began. Information is also available on the Derbyshire County Council website.

Feeding Derbyshire is working with Derbyshire Food Banks, Community Cafes, Batch-Cook kitchens, School Holiday Clubs and Community Pantries to help make food parcels available to people struggling to get food during the crisis.  

Community Buildings Advisory Service is providing support to village halls and community buildings, offering advice on what they should be doing during the pandemic and providing up to date information on grants and other financial support available. 

The Oil Buying Scheme continues to ensure that members get their heating oil at competitive prices. The crude oil price has seen a substantial drop, which has been one of the few pieces of good news during the coronavirus crisis.  

Wheels to Work have been working with Bike Back Derby to provide FREE refurbished bikes to key workers who are currently struggling to get work. The team are still happy to receive applications for moped loans, but will not be able to process requests completely until the test centres are allowed to reopen. 

Suicide Awareness Training seminars are now being delivered virtually, and there is a waiting list for those wishing to attend. We have a short blog, and general information about our SAT work on the SAT webpage.

Digital Hubs - unfortunately, progress with this project has slowed down significantly. It was hoped to run some launch events in May, but this was not possible. However, the recruitment of Cyber Buddies has recommenced. If you would like to be involved in creating a 'digital hub' for your community, or to be a Cyber Buddy volunteer please contact Joe Dugdale.

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