Cyber and Fraud Information Sheets

These are issued by East Midlands Special Operations Unit of the Police and are updated regularly. Each sheet covers a particular topic or new threat identified, particularly in connection with scams relating to Coronavirus/Covid-19. For any further information, assistance or guidance please contact the EMSOU Protect Team or local cyber protect officer at Derbyshire Police, [email protected].

The National Cyber Security Centre helps to make the UK the safest place to live and work online. They are a great resource at any time, but are being particularly helpful around Coronavirus-Covid-19. Take a look at their website.


Please report all Fraud and Cybercrime to Action Fraud online or by calling 0300 123 2040.

Any suspicious emails can be forwarded to [email protected].

Report SMS scams by forwarding the original message to 7726 (spells SPAM on the keypad).

This page is being updated as often as possible. Each sheet is dated.

Please click on the links below to open the pdf document.


  • Issued on 5th May this is a stand-alone Information Sheet on Video Conferencing.


  • Cyber Insurance


  • Portable Media


  • Creating a cyber security-minded culture


  • Erasing Data


  • Denial of Service (DoS)


  • Cyber Security Myths


  • Quick Fixes


  • Spyware


  • Supply Chair Security


  • Romance Fraud
  • Hot Topics: NHS Track and Trace


  • Cararies and Honeypots 
  • Hot Topics: New phishing scam tageting self-employed workers about tax rebate and a new Amazon phishing campaign to win a £1000 giftcard.


  • Kill Chain (how an organisation might be attached)
  • Hot Topics: On-going active compromises or VPN vulnerabilities, ransomware attacks.

Webinar: "Password security" on Thursday 11th June at 2pm to 3pm.


  • Scams and fake news
  • Hot Topics: New HMRC scam, Courier Fraud

Webinar: "Ransomware - Hostage taking your data" on Monday 8th June at 2pm to 3pm.


  • Incident Response
  • Hot Topics: Fake websites established to replicate big brand names like Tesco, Asda and Amazon, NHS Trace and Trace phishing emails

Webinar: "Phishing Emails" on Thursday 4th June at 2pm to 3pm.


  • Risk Assessments
  • Hot Topic: A new malicious Android app called COVID Symptom Study or just COVID19.apk which delivers malware if downloaded.


  • Cyber Essentials
  • Hot Topics: Fake BMW emails, Fraud alert - requests for information from businesses related to closure of premises or homeworking, QTS operating system users urged to upgrade as older versions may be vulnerable. 

Webinar: How to plan and prepare for a cyber incident is on Monday 1st June at 2pm to 3pm.


  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  • Hot Topic: Courier fraud alert - Fraudsters contact victims claiming to be a police office and instructing people to purchase expensive goods or move funds to an account controlled by the faudsters.


  • The Internet of Things (IoT)


  • Fraud - A description of the different types of fraud and how they are targeted, affecting businesses as well as individuals.

Webinar: How to identify, respond and recover from cyber-attacks on Thursday 28th May at 2pm to 3pm.


  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Hot Topics: EasyJet has been a victim of a cyber-attack - could you be compromised as a result? Vehicle sale scams (usually campervans), phishing emails from [email protected], Outlook emails targeted with Covid-19 Account Upgrade, Fake celebrity endorsement scams for Covid-19 related giveaways and a fake online marketing millionaire offering short-term online employment that takes victims to a malware site.


  • Keep devices up to date
  • Hot Topics - Scam texts and emails, what's out there and key advice


  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Hot Topics - Multiple fake COVID-19 cryptocurrencie scams.

Webinar: Out with the old, in with the new - a perspective from the next generation on Thursday 21st May at 2pm to 3pm.


  • Bluetooth
  • Hot Topics - Privacy and security concerns over NHS tracking app are addressed with latest information on NCSC.


  • Cloud Computing
  • Hot Topics - New version of the fake TV Licensing email, fake emails stating government offering "emergency COVID-19 tax relief", fake emails from "WHO" offering cash grants and phishing scams referencing the government's new contact racing app.

Webinar: The not-so Anonymous hacker - a perspective from the other side on Monday 18th May at 2pm to 3pm.


  • Data Breach: mitigation and prevention
  • Hot Topics - Fake emails about PayPal security, fake emails about government offering 'emergency COVID-19 tax relief' and fraud scams related to purchase of pets such as puppies and kittens.


  • Investment Scams
  • Hot Topics - Bitcoin Investment, phishing email from A-Z Pharmaceuticals, Amazon 'Grant Relief Fund' emails
  • Cyber Criminals targeting efforts to disrupt healthcare entities, pharmaceutical companies, local governments, medial researchers and academics AND their supply chains.

East Midlands Special Operations Unit Webinar: Security int he Cloud - A Guide for Small to Medium Sized Organisations on 14th May at 2pm to 3pm.


  • Online shopping
  • Hot Topics - Amazon Prime scam, HMRC-themed phishing scam, payroll phishiing scam "COVID-19/MAY PAYROLL BENEFITS", malicious email on how Greece avoided a C-19 lockdown - DON'T click on the link to read article.


  • Passwords
  • Hot Topics - Pizza Hut scam, Coronavirus response organisations attacked with 'password spraying', TV licensing scam emails.

Police Cybercrime Webinar: Working from Home - the lessons learned so far on 11th May at 2pm to 3pm.


  • Vishing - Phishing via an internet based telephone.
  • Hot Topics - NHS tracking app, Smartphone contact-tracking system(s)


  • Business Continuity
  • Hot Topics - Smartphone contact-tracking app via Bluetooth for NHS Covid-19 may lead to fake apps. Generous benefactor scams from a 'rich businessman in Dubai' and emails advertising investments in Bitcoin.


  • Social Engineering
  • Hot Topics - Courier Fraud, spoofing emails and texts impersonating known and trusted organisations, Emails advertising Covid-19 finger prick test, video conferencing exploitations.

Police Regional Cybercrime Webinar: Social Engineering: Hacking the Human on 7th May at 2pm to 3pm.


  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - Employees accessing company data from a personal device.
  • Hot Topics - Covid-19 phishing attacks from FedEx, UPS and DHL relating to packages being held due to lockdown and to click a link or open an attachment. Bogus HMRC texts, fake government 'fines', Bitcoin investment emails, TV Licensing bogus texts, free or cheap access to streaming sites via WhatsApp - DON'T GIVE BANK OR PERSONAL DETAILS TO FRAUDSTERS.


  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Hot Topics - Heineken 'Free Beer' phishing campaign, HMRC tax returns malicious emails, face mask scams, 'fine' emails for £77 for leaving home, phone calls from 'banks', online pet scams.

Police Regional Cybercrime Webinar: The Internet of Things - Protecting your devices, data and home on 4th May at 2pm to 3pm. 


  • 'Man in the Middle and Whaling' - setting up fake wi'fi hotspots and targeted phishing attack aimed at senior executives masquerading as a legitimate email.
  • Hot Topics - Sophisticated phishing emails that learn how money transfers are executed and then use lookalike domains to instruct new money transfers, phishing emails offering FREE bets, phishing emails 'from' WHO requesting donations and some Amazon Gift Card scams.


  • Ransomware and Back-ups
  • Hot Topics - TV Licensing driving people to 'pay online', HMRC send copy of passport and utility bills via infected site or Job Retention Scheme, WHO donation requests, PayPal, HSBC


  • Fraud and scams
  • Hot Topics - A hoax copy of the NHS website with harmful links. Phishing emails, Skype phishing, 

Police Regional Cybercrime Webinar - Online Fraud.... Evolution or Repetition on 30th April at 2pm to 3pm. 


  • Working from home
  • Hot Topics - Automated calls about masks need to be worn and press 1 to buy one, also emails advertising face masks, conference calling caution on Zoom or WebEx harvesting usernames and passwords, fake mobile top up texts and fake testing kits promoted by email.


  • Ransomeware
  • Hot Topics - Iceland (the retailer) priority delivery slots, telephone calls 'from your bank', fake police scammers.


  • Social engineering
  • Hot Topics - HMRC tax refund, DLVA vehicle tax refund, UK Business Advice Bureau offering government grants.


  • Phishing
  • Hot Topics - New HMRC phishing email Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme


  • Passwords
  • Hot Topics - Flight refund scam, executive and employee email scam relating to emergency funds to cover medical cost and/or gift cards to buy essentials online and update of banking details.


  • Cloud Services
  • Hot Topics - 'Sextortion' phishing emails, free Tesco vouchers, car sale payment scam


  • Video conferencing
  • Hot Topics - Virgin Media 'your bill is ready' email


  • Latest NCSC scam advice
  • Hot Topics - TV Licencing phishing email, bitcoin, cyber criminals exploiting home working, less IT security


  • Hot Topics - Fake Covid-19 sites taken down, phishing attempts continue
  • Trending - Covid-19 Stimulus Package email, antibody tests, PayPal phishing email
  • Social Media Campaign - putting skills to good use and staying safe online


  • Fake news still a problem
  • Hot Topic - Don't be duped into opening attachments, fake medical products/testing kits
  • Trending - Covid-19 "You are infected" emails, T&C's updates from software companies, Zoom video security


  • Financial scams and wider fraud
  • Hot Topic - Mobile Phone Top-up, WhatsApp Supermarket voucher, Fake Covid-19 testing kits
  • Trending - NHS, Payment and Diversion Fraud, Pre-payment funeral and Power of Attorney scams aimed at older people
  • Community Support


  • Computer Software Service Scams
  • Hot Topic - Alexa, Siri, Bixby, Google Assistant
  • Trending - several Covid-19 scams


  • How to deal with scam texts and emails
  • Trending - HMRC phishing email scam, NHS Alert scam, Free School Meals email scam


  • How to keep in touch and stay safe online
  • Trending - Zoom video security, NHS England fake messages


  • Mandate Fraud
  • Trending - Danske Bank/City of London Police


  • Genuine v's fake news



  • Ransomeware
  • Back-ups

Digital Hubs

At Rural Action Derbyshire we are working to try and improve digital safety, establish safe Digital Hubs in rural communities and train 'Cyber Buddies' who can support people in their local community with their digital connectivity. 

Digital by Default is how so many services are going which is not easy for some people particularly those with no internet connection or no access to a computer. Smartphones are common, but it can be hard to navigate the entire internet on a relatively small screen.

For more information on this part of our work, please go to our Digital Hubs webpage or complete and enquiry form.

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