Digital inclusion in your community

  • Is your community digitally 'switched on'?
  • Do you have a community hall that could be more digitally inclusive?
  • Do you want to be able to support local people to get online and stay safe online?

We are running a pilot project to help communities become 'digital hubs'. Many services are now only available in an online format, or at the very least offering better value if people sign up for their services via the internet rather than by using more traditional methods. Not everyone is able to go online themselves which puts them at a disadvantage. There are many reasons for this.

Access – the ability to actually go online and connect to the internet
Skills – to be able to use the internet
Motivation – knowing the reasons why using the internet is a good thing
Trust – the risk of crime, or not knowing where to start to go online

The Digital Hubs project can help.  

There are three main strands to the project.

  1. Run three, free half-day "Cyber Security for community groups" training sessions
  2. Identify community halls in Derbyshire that will have support to become a 'Digital Hub' and able to run their own training sessions for individuals to help them get online and stay safe online.
  3. Recruit and train 'Digital Champions' who will be available to run the training sessions at the 'Digital Hubs'

1. Cyber Security for community groups

We are running three FREE events in Derbyshire in September and October 2019. These events are available to ANYONE who is involved with a local charity or community group, village hall committee or someone who runs a group or class at a community hall. They all run from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

If you have attended the events and would like access to the resources, please click here.

2. We can help your hall become a 'Digital Hub' for your community.

  • Find suitable community venues
  • Establish what your community needs
  • Estimate cost of equipment and installation
  • Provide advice on improving internet connections Help to find funding
  • Appoint and train Digital Champions 
  • Help to run digital inclusion training
  • Raise awareness of cyber security
  • Develop digital skills and confidence to go online

What is the benefit for your hall?

The benefits can be far-reaching; the internet is a vital facility that enables a wider variety of activities to take place and increase visitor numbers. Providing training sessions will attract new users, make the community more resilient and future proof, whilst also countering rural isolation and lack of access to services.

What is the benefit for your community?

It can promote economic outcomes through – employment, accessing Government services, education, financial services, local businesses, trading, etc. It can promote Health and Social outcomes through – keeping in touch with family and friends, leisure and entertainment, public services, democratic and civic participation, etc.

3. Digital Champions/Cyber Buddies

As part of RAD’s support for Digital Hubs, we are recruiting people to become Cyber Buddies for their community. 

What is a Cyber Buddy?

Cyber Buddies, also known as Digital Champions are people of all ages and from all backgrounds and communities. They help others understand the benefits of using the internet and can show them how to do simple things online that can make a huge difference to people’s lives. 

They don’t need to be an IT whizz to be a Cyber Buddy, just have a bit of spare time, an enjoyment of being online and a passion to help others.

Training will be provided via Digital Unite. Cyber Buddies will then support individuals at sessions in the 'Digital Hub', established with our help in a local community hall.

If you are interested in the training to become a Cyber Buddy, please email Christabel Holland or phone 01629 592970.

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For more information on any of element on our Digital Hubs project please email us or call 01629 592970.