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Abuse lasts, on average, 25 times longer in the most rural of areas. The sense of isolation, of being alone without support, or ways to travel to a place of safety means the more rural setting, the higher the risk of harm.

Rural Media partnered with Rural Action Derbyshire and Derbyshire Police & Crime Commissioner to produce a 20-minute drama, The Willows, highlighting the challenges that victims of domestic abuse face when living in a rural area. Rural life can be hard, but it shouldn’t be this hard.

On Friday the 16th of September we will be showing 'The Willows' at the Ritz, Belper.

Commissioner Angelique Foster will be chairing a panel discussion following the screening of 'The Willows' to discuss the issues raised by the film and what partners should be doing to address them.

The film screening will take place at 14:00, followed by the Q&A session until 15:30. Doors will open 13:30.