Grahame is a Chartered Accountant and is RAD's longest serving Trustee having first joined RAD (or DRCC as it was then) in the mid 1990's. He was involved in the transfer of the charity into a limited liability company and was one of the founding Directors of the company that became incorporated on 18th February 1997.  

Grahame is the Company Secretary and his expertise is hugely beneficial to RAD. 

He is a busy man, at work and at play. He has acted and continues to act for a significant number of clients that live and/or work in rural communities - hence the initial and continuing interest and empathy with the activities and aims of RAD. He is always very busy at year end and deadline time for tax returns - so we have to plan the dates of our Board meetings carefully.

At play, Grahame has two retired racing greyhounds who ensure he remains active, but as they are sprinters they invariably get tired before Grahame! He has also been a very keen sportsman, although these days participation is generally confined to golf (when time and weather permit) and scuba diving, somewhere far flung and warm (the Maldives is his favourite).