Helena joined RAD in September 2002 as a Rural Officer. Before joining RAD Helena had been working as a research consultant studying the impacts of Foot and Mouth in the Voluntary Sector in South Derbyshire, the social needs of older people in a number of rural Derbyshire villages and the evaluation of sheltered housing and day care services.

She feels privileged to help make a difference to people's lives throughout her time so far at RAD working with communities, supporting shops, post offices and pubs and for the last 8 years helping with community buildings. Helena says, "travelling around such a beautiful county and meeting such interesting people all with a common goal of trying to improve their local communities really makes my job special. Work is never boring and each village hall I work with presents me with its own unique issues which need investigating."

Helena has lived all her life in Derbyshire's farming community. She is part of a large bustling family with two grown up children, a beautiful granddaughter and 19 nephews and nieces so there's always a family gathering to keep her busy. 

If you would like to contact Helena, email [email protected] or phone 01629 592973.