Is your hall digitally switched on?

  • Do you want it to be more digitally inclusive?
  • Is there a central place within your village to become a Digital Hub?

Rural Action Derbyshire is delighted to announce an exciting new project to create ‘Digital Hubs’ in a number of village and community halls across Derbyshire. The project aims to support people to get online in a number of different ways whether they have no previous computer experience, need a refresh or are already digitally competent.

What is the benefit for your hall?

The benefits can be far-reaching; the internet is a vital facility that enables a wider variety of activities to take place and increase visitor numbers. Providing training sessions will attract new users, make the community more resilient and future proof, whilst also countering rural isolation and lack of access to services.

What is the benefit for your community?

  • It can promote economic outcomes through – employment, accessing Government services, education, financial services, local businesses, trading, etc.
  • It can promote Health and Social outcomes through – keeping in touch with family and friends, leisure and entertainment, public services, democratic and civic participation, etc.

Get Involved

Is this something your hall would like to hear more about or get involved in?

Then please register your interest by competing the short survey below (it only takes a couple of minutes).

If you require further information about this pilot project, please contact RAD on: 01629 592970.

Please respond by 10.00am on Monday 1st July.


With thanks to.........

Dr Katharine Willis from the University of Plymouth (author of the Digital Venue Toolkit – a guide to getting your village or community hall online) spoke about the success of the scheme in Cornwall at our ‘Fit for the Future’ Conference last November. Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, who also spoke at the conference, approved RAD's funding application to deliver this 'digital hubs' pilot project with funding from the Office of the Police and Crime Commission in Derbyshire.