Thanks to funding from Foundation Derbyshire, some free consultancy sessions (worth £180) are available for committees that run village and community halls in Derbyshire. There are over 250 halls in Derbyshire that do a wonderful job providing activities and facilities in their community, but many have been struggling during the pandemic.

The covid pandemic changed the way people access services and not everyone has been able to navigate the world of digital services. Traditionally we provide training and support face to face, but that hasn’t been possible. Although we were able to adapt and move service delivery online, not everyone has been able to access it.

Some halls in Derbyshire are remote with little or no access to reliable internet connections. Halls are run by volunteers, many of whom are retired, and digital skills may not be keeping up with the rapid development of new technology.

Government covid regulations have changed numerous times and the information that relates to community buildings is complex and can be hard to understand. Many of the halls struggled to understand how government regulations impact on their activities and as all halls had to close for many months their income was significantly affected.

Helena Stubbs, Community Buildings Advisor says; “In the last 15 months it has been very hard for volunteers running halls to understand all the changing covid regulations. We have been providing guidance on our website, sending email updates and running regular Zoom training sessions, but not everyone has been able to access this. We now have the chance to offer some 1-2-1 consultancy to help get them up and running confidently again.”

If you have a hall in your village or local community that is struggling to keep up to date with government covid regulations and struggles with access to digital developments then we can help.

To book a FREE one-to-one half day consultancy please fill out the registration form.

For any questions in the meantime please contact Helena Stubbs  on 01629 592970 or email [email protected].