Complete the survey

The University of Derby has launched a short survey to understand the needs and priorities of communities across Derbyshire.

They have pledged to develop a Civic University Agreement, a document that will be co-created with local partners, and will reaffirm the University's ongoing commitment to playing its part in the city and county's prosperity and wellbeing.  

The first phase of this is understanding and establishing the needs and priorities of communities, businesses and organisations across Derby and Derbyshire. We would therefore welcome your input, thoughts and ideas on this, and on how we may be able to help deliver long-term positive impact for the city and county.

You can complete the survey as an individual and/or as a representative of a business, organisation or community group.

The Civic Agenda is the academic worlds equivalent to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Young people especially are keen to ensure that their chosen place of study and ultimately their workplace have a genuine CSR/Civic Agenda policy that aims to support their community.  


Please respond by Friday 16 August 2019.