Reflections - Thought for the Week over lockdown

Each week during lockdown a representative from our Rural Chaplaincy team wrote a short reflective piece. This was to try and capture the challenges faced by many, but especially the rural farming community in Derbyshire. During the very challenging times that we faced, and continue to face, food production had to continue - no matter what. This itself has a number of its own daily challenges - the weather for one, floods in the autumn and winter of 2019/2020 meant that many crops had failed before they even begun. Pasture for livestock was ruined. There were many reports of livestock lost due to the flooding. Climate change and Brexit. These were significant events to challenge the resolve of many in the farming community. But then we were also hit with coronavirus.

Things could have fallen over, but they didn't. Farmers are used to challenge, they have resolve, they have resilience and they keep on going. Mostly without favour or thanks.

At Rural Action Derbyshire we have a very dedicated team of rural chaplains, led by Rev'd Alan Griggs, who continue to understand and support the rural community in Derbyshire, especially those with links to farming. Who, despite coronavirus and lockdown, adapted and evolved to help people who were finding life a little bit extraordinary and needed a little bit of extra help.

Please, if you have some time, take a look at the wonderful and diverse and often humorous Reflections from our fantastic team. It was a little bit of a challenge for them to come up with their own personal thought each week on top of the great work they were doing throughout Derbyshire. Their work is hidden, they can't talk about the good that they do, they don't get applauded for it. They just do it and end each week hoping they have helped in some way.

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Reflections Compilation

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