Rural Domestic Abuse Awareness Training

1 in 3 women are victims of domestic abuse during their lifetime and as are 1 in 7 men.

The only way we can stop abuse from happening is by raising awareness of how and why it happens and helping direct the people involved, to support.

The Willow Project is delivering FREE half day training seminars for those living in rural Derbyshire or working in the agricultural industry to do just this.

There are two types of training, one for people who would like to actively support The Willow Project by challenging attitudes which perpetuate abuse and become a 'Champion'.  The other training is for people who work in agricultural industry and would like to find out how to spot the signs of abuse and where to direct potential victims in an emergency.

The training is funded by Derbyshire's Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Learners will first watch a self directed e-learning session which contains episode 1 of The Willows and covers the signs and symptoms of domestic abuse.  Learners will then attend a 2.5 hr Zoom training session where they will watch the remaining episodes of The Willows and covers the following objectives:-

  • Recognise how domestic abuse in rural areas differs from domestic abuse in urban areas.
  • Have confidence in recognising the signs of domestic abuse in victims. 
  • Use skills to support victims.
  • Have knowledge of local domestic abuse services and how to signpost to them.
  • Recognise the additional barriers to leaving which victims face in rural communities.
  • Have confidence to promote domestic abuse awareness and services in your rural communities.

Training takes place in small groups online.

To book a place on our Rural Domestic Abuse training please use the enquiry form below or follow the links to specific training events published on our website here.

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