The Derbyshire Environmental Trust (DET) is once again repeating its own funding scheme in 2022. In recognition of the slightly longer period between funding rounds and its 25th Anniversary, the Trust has more than doubled the available funding for one year only. Up to £100,000 in total is available for distribution to a number of projects. The maximum award is £25,000 and the minimum £2,500.

This year there are two key changes to the assessment criteria in that the Trust will give consideration to environmental impact / carbon reduction and energy efficiency, with a preference not to support projects reliant on fossil fuels where alternatives are an option (see point 7 below). In addition to the other funding criteria listed overleaf, the Trust will also take note of the level of deprivation in the area of the project this year.

The DET Funding Scheme has operated annually since 2016/17 and a decision about future years will be made in due course.

Click the link to see the funding scheme guidance notes.