What is The Money House

The Money House project aims to help young people in Derbyshire learn how to improve their financial management and understand how to prioritise spending related to housing costs.  

It is a 4-day course, informal and friendly. The learning is accredited by AQA, with 2 Unit Award Credits in 'Budgeting & Debt Management' and 'Participating in Group Work'.

The course includes budgeting, bills, banking, borrowing, bureaucracy, benefits.

It takes place in a real flat in Newbold, Chesterfield. 

Check this out, Hayley and Katie talking about their experience. 

Who is it for?

Ideally for a young person close to making the move from care or supported accommodation to their own flat where they will be expected to manage their own finances. Any young person fitting the criteria will be considered:

  • Young people between the ages of 17 to 24 years and in supported housing, foster/residential care and planning to move to live independently within the next 3 months OR
  • Has signed a tenancy agreement within the last 6 months OR
  • Has approached an agency for debt relief or advice


There is funding to cover transport costs for attendees. Support workers are encouraged to accompany their young person to the first session on the Tuesday morning. 

How to get to The Money House

Bus Map/Route

To discuss transport arrangements, please email Claire or Gail

How to book a place

Support workers/partners can refer young people by completing a Referral Form and supporting documents. 

Course dates

  • 29th May to 1st June
  • 12th to 15th June
  • 10th to 14th July


Referral Guidance

Photography Consent Form

Referral Form

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