It's a success!

"I honestly thought TMH (The Money House) would be dead uptight and formal. When I arrived I realised it's not what I thought, it's so much more laid back. The staff are amazing, I couldn't fault them; they're so understanding and chilled. If I had the chance to come again I would." Georgia, 17

"The Money House is a great scheme with great staff in a good environment. You don't do much written work and you can have a laugh. You also learn a lot of valuable skills and meet people who can give you advice."  Kelham 19.

"The Money House was one of the best courses I have been on, I stuck to it and enjoyed it a lot."  Lucas, 18.

“I came here with my boyfriend as we are currently trying to find housing for us both and our little girl who is currently on the way, not knowing much about housing, budget managing or even claiming. When the week was up we knew a lot more and now feel much more confident living independently and finding housing. Gail and Claire are amazing! So easy to get on with and always give 110% each day you’re there! The food is also great and we met some amazing people during our time at the money house! Highly recommend!”.  Ella, 18

"I'd definitely recommend The Money House to a friend because it’s very useful when you start looking into getting your own place. They can help you with simple things like if you struggle to talk on the phone. The staff are absolutely amazing – they support you and they are there for you. It’s a nice warm environment to be in.”  Elisa, 18.