Neighbourhood Planning

23rd September 2016
Neighbourhood Planning

What are Neighbourhood Development Plans?
Neighbourhood Development Plans are a tool for communities, but to be really effective they will need the support of both the community and the local planning authority.

The Plan is a framework, produced by the community, for guiding the future development and growth of an area. Neighbourhood Plans relate to the use and development of land and associated social, economic and environmental issues. A Plan will be subject to examination and referendum and then form part of the Local Development Plan (produced by a local authority).

Are you considering a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

Neighbourhood Development Plans are formal documents and must pass some formal tests including a referendum, which can be tricky, so they need to be produced by the community, through research, consultation and engagement. 

There are a number of consultants offering support with Neighbourhood Plans, many of them are experts in planning, but lack some of the other skills that are vital to a successful outcome. RAD has the expertise to advise on the technical aspects of a plan, but it is also community focussed, with insight into the issues facing communities and with a grounded understanding of how communities in Derbyshire work. From Village Design Statements through to Parish Plans and other forms of Community Led Planning, RAD has been the foremost specialist in offering support and guidance to volunteers and Parish Councils. 

Neighbourhood Plans must be fit for purpose; i.e. they must be a clear and useful guide to planners and developers. Developments often divide people. That's why community engagement and a proper discussion are so important, along with professional planning advice.

Why choose RAD?

How can RAD help?

RAD can either have a Service Level Agreement with a community to work on an on-going basis (based on an average of one day a month throughout the process), or it can undertake specific one-off activities, such as those services listed below. 

For more information on RAD's services and fees, please click on the "Services and Costs" link below.

Contact us:  Joe Dugdale, 07743 850127 or 01629 592974 or by email

Contact your local council

You can contact your district or borough council about Neighbourhood Plans. Click on the Local Authority Contacts document below for email and telephone numbers:

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