Support Local Children: Holiday Food & Fun Clubs

Did you know that 3 million children are at risk of hunger over the summer holidays?

The loss of free school meals given out during term time can mean families already struggling with low budgets may find it difficult to feed their children.

Holiday Clubs running across the Feeding Derbyshire network aim to put an end to holiday hunger. They provide opportunities during the holidays for kids and families to come together to play, learn new skills, and share a meal together.

The Issue

Holidays can be a stressful time for many families; but those who have lost the safety net of free school meals and face additional worries.

Hunger amongst children during the school holidays can exacerbate inequalities that already exist between children from wealthier and poorer backgrounds. Children most at risk of hunger during the holidays often suffer from social isolation and inactivity. This can lead to significant weight loss or gain, and have negative impacts on their physical and mental well-being.

Holiday Clubs are Changing Lives

1. Socialising and activities for children
2. Financial relief for parents on very low incomes
3. Contact and support for parents
4. Improved physical and mental health, setting children up to thrive when back to school after the holidays

Each of these advantages improves children’s quality of life, as well as their chances of growing up to become healthy, well-educated adults, while simultaneously increasing parents’ confidence and adding to their skills base.

But, we need money...

We require at least £10,000 to ensure this vital provision can go ahead in Derbyshire and that children across the county gain access to the nutritious meals and activities they deserve. Communities, families and volunteers make these clubs so valuable, but they require financial support to operate: 

  • £10 will fund a child's placement for one day
  • £20 covers the food and activity costs for one child per week
  • £77 covers food and activity costs for that same child for a month
  • £115 funds an entire club for a day

Supporting Children across Derbyshire

What you can do to help

To fund the Food & Fun Clubs we have launched a Crowdfunding campaign. It only runs until 25th June and aims to raise £10,000 for Derbyshire with a national total of £50,000.

This will go towards supporting 8325 children and 26 clubs across Derbyshire to provide 11490 meals and 400 activities throughout the school holidays.

To make this campaign a success we need your support.


If you are able to contribute, please consider donating early on to the crowdfunding campaign. Your donation will be made public and will encourage others to do the same.

If you are able to make a donation through the Crowdfunder page, PLEASE make sure you add something in the Comments section after you have pledged the money to indicate you would like your donation to go to Derbyshire children. Please also Gift Aid your donation if you can.


If you think you’d like to donate, but want to get your friends, co-workers, employees, or customers involved too, consider fundraising instead.

We have lots of ideas and support materials to help make your fundraiser a success, so please get in touch and we can support you on your way.

Not quite ready to make a financial contribution, that’s OK 

Help us get the word out…

Your support to help us get the word out is just as important.


A few great ideas on how you can help:

  • Share on social media (ask us about our handy social media resource pack)
  • Include information about the campaign in your newsletter or internal communications
  • Send an email around your network
  • Ask 5 people who you think might be able to give to the cause
  • Share print materials in your office or business to help raise awareness