About us

Established in 1924, Rural Action Derbyshire (formerly Derbyshire Rural Community Council) is an independent organisation and registered charity, operating across the county. RAD aims to improve the life of those living and working in Derbyshire. RAD is one of 38 rural community councils in England and is a member of ACRE - Action with Communities in Rural England.

Our Vision

We believe that no-one should be unfairly disadvantaged because they live in a rural area.

Despite its idyllic image, rural communities have pockets of isolation and deprivation, difficulties accessing services and a growing older population. Specialist services and the delivery of these services is being shaped around more populated, urban areas. Poor transport links reduce access to many of these vital services as well as to jobs and training.

Our Ambition

To address rural disadvantage so that rural communities are sustainable, vibrant and accessible to everyone regardless of age, background or income.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for Derbyshire residents, by empowering people in rural communities to take action to address disadvantage, become more sustainable and increase local control.

We make our beneficiaries' lives better by:

  • offering advice, support and training to individuals and communities,
  • providing transport options to help people get to work, and
  • running an oil buying scheme to help keep energy costs down for more isolated properties.

Our Strategic Aims

  1. To help remove barriers that prevent people from taking up opportunities, living well and participating in daily life.
  2. To enable communities to develop more control, protect and develop community assets and build resilience and community spirit.
  3. To address rural disadvantage particularly for vulnerable or low-income groups.
  4. To support rural economic development and sustainable rural communities.
  5. To grow and develop Rural Action Derbyshire to secure its future sustainability.

What we do

We have eight key areas of activity:

As well as our project work, RAD is part of a number of partnerships and represents the Voluntary Sector on a number of networks to help promote the wonderful work of the sector throughout Derbyshire and to ensure the large rural parts of Derbyshire have a voice.

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