23,000 eligible Derbyshire residents are being sent a £100 voucher to support them with the rise in the cost of living.

For most people the voucher, from the Government’s Household Support Fund, needs to be exchanged at a post office for cash and is to help alleviate the pressure on the finances of some of the county’s most vulnerable residents.
Derbyshire residents eligible for the payment are:

  • pensioners who are entitled to a discount on their council tax (council tax support)
  • people who receive home care support and are known to be on a low income because of their co-funding assessment.

We’re sending the vouchers out in phases over the coming weeks and all vouchers are due to be distributed by mid-September.

To exchange their voucher the resident will need to take the letter they receive, together with some specified forms of ID to any post office branch, within one month of the date of the letter.

Some people may be worried about opening what looks like an official letter, but residents are being urged to do so and claim what they’re entitled to. Your help in encouraging residents to access this support will be appreciated. Where a family member or other party is recorded by Adult Social Care and Health as managing/supporting with finances, this person will also be alerted to the offer, and we will be contacting financial deputies directly where these are recorded.

The letter also contains other useful information, for example around falls prevention, encouraging the take up of vaccinations, fire safety and how to find out more about pension credit.

Derbyshire County Council will share contact information for any Household Support Fund queries for residents on their website, where you can also find more details about the other aspects of the Household Support Fund including support to families.

Household Support Fund Website