If you struggle to get to work or training because you don't have transport - look no further. Wheels to Work can get you on the road in a matter of days.

How Moped Loan Works

  • Give us a call on 01629 592976 OR Make an initial enquiry online here.
  • We receive your enquiry and send you a full application pack.
  • YOU return your full application, with a copy of your driving licence and proof of employment / education. We process it...and tell you, you are good to go!
  • YOU pay your advance payment and meet up with us.
  • We give you vouchers to take your CBT and CBT+ training for FREE!
  • YOU book your training – Don’t forget to give us a week’s notice MINIMUM.
  • We do lots of behind the scenes work, so that you can have the moped you will be loaning from us at your CBT+ training.
  • YOU pass your CBT+ training with an ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’ mark for everything and…
    …ride off home ready to start work, beginning your 6 month loan from that day.

If your commute doesn’t quite warrant a moped, but is too far on foot, why not apply for a push bike or electric bike instead?

More information can be found here www.wheelstowork.org

This job would have been a no go without it. It has helped me massively and I’m very thankful.”    A happy Wheels to Work client.

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