Rural Action Derbyshire has been actively supporting rural communities throughout Derbyshire since 1924. The work we do and the way we do it has evolved over the last 93 years, and our success has largely depended on our ability to adapt.

The decline of rural services, closure of post offices and banks and the withdrawal of rail and bus routes are just some of the issues creating difficulties for people that choose to live and work in rural Derbyshire.

Fundraising and Donations

Your donation goes directly to support our work. Donations can be to a specific project that you wish to support or to RAD to decide on the most appropriate area of work that your money could help.

  • Supporting the farming community - our Agricultural Chaplaincy project receives donations from all areas of Derbyshire. Farmers benefit by having the support of one of our chaplains and a network of other farmers to help build practical and social solutions. 
  • Offering smart meters to people in fuel poverty that rely on heating oil to help them manage their fuel use and reduce their fuel costs.
  • Funding spaces for suicide awareness training, to help save lives.
  • Providing advice and/or training to the thousands of volunteers that help keep village halls and community buildings thriving.
  • To provide young people with a bicycle or moped to allow them to get to work or training when public transport is unavailable.
  • To help tackle food poverty by helping us to provide practical solutions.  

The feedback we have had from people we have helped is so satisfying:

At a point in our lives where we felt so hopeless and alone, we have been so overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing support that we have received and cannot thank your organisation enough for your wonderful assistance. I have to say, the empathy and compassion shown by Emma Simpson and Alan Griggs (Agricultural Chaplain) does them both immense credit. We were moved beyond words when we received the oil delivery and were able to get hot water from our taps for the first time since moving here and the knowledge that we are now able to heat our little home is simply wonderful.  

We want to continue to work for the people of rural Derbyshire and in particular those in fuel and food poverty; those struggling with the provision of services and to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Please see our Annual Report for more details in the great work we have been doing.

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How you can help

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