Across Derbyshire, nearly 20% of properties are off the main gas network. This goes up to 40% in the Derbyshire Dales. Heating oil and LPG are the main sources of energy for the rural properties, the price of which can vary considerably. 

We have been running a community oil buying scheme since November 2011 to help reduce the cost of heating oil by negotiating with oil suppliers for a bulk order.  Buying oil through our scheme helps secure a good oil price for everyone, especially beneficial for those on a low income. We do not inflate our prices for profit. We can also source LPG.

Anyone can join - homeowner or tenant, business or community building, farms, caravan parks and holiday lets. Standard delivery vehicles are used.

How it works

  • Register on the website with details of your property and tank location.

  • Log on to order oil. Specify the number of litres you require (minimum 500 litres) and whether you require an additive.

  • We order oil every 2 weeks and you can log on and order anytime during the 2 week window.

  • We contact oil suppliers to get the best price we can. You receive an email with oil price and total cost. Payment is made and the oil is delivered within 10 working days.

What if someone doesn't have access to the internet?

Although the scheme is run via a secure website, people can still join even if they don't have access to a computer or the internet. Contact the Oil Buying team at RAD on 01629 592970 and an account can be set up and managed on their behalf. This is ideal if you have family members on oil that do not or cannot use the internet.

How much does it cost?

There is no joining or membership fee, but we do add a small levy to each oil order. This pays for the administration of the scheme. The price you are quoted for your oil includes this charge. The only other charges would be if you choose to pay for your oil with a credit card (or prepayment card) which carries a 2% surcharge, levied by the secure payment provider. Additives are charged at an additional 2 pence per litre.

What do people say?

This scheme is particularly useful for people that don't like phoning round different suppliers to negotiate the price and households that are fuel poor. Everyone that is buying oil through the scheme is contributing to help keep prices as low as possible as the more oil we have each order, the more negotiating power we have. So, even if you aren't having to worry about how much your oil is costing each time, you have the knowledge that by getting your oil through us is helping people less well off.

  • “Very happy to recommend this scheme - I place my order, it was delivered speedily and the price gave me an excellent saving." Mrs C, Ashbourne
  • "We have been pleased with the savings on our oil orders. It also means we can order 500 litres, whereas before we ordered 1000 litres to try and keep the price per litre down." Mrs L, Staverley
  • "I used to worry I might be paying over the odds for my oil, but now I've got peace of mind that I get my oil at a good price every time." Mr S, Stanley

What's the catch?

There isn't one. But, some points to note are:

We order oil every 2 weeks and it can take up to 2 weeks from the order date for your oil to be delivered.

If access to your property is difficult and you need a 'baby' taker to deliver your oil, we cannot guarantee delivery as not all suppliers we use have very small tankers. If a supplier is unable to deliver in one of their standard tankers your order may be cancelled and a full refund will be given, or you may be charged an additional amount for delivery using a baby tanker (usually 2 pence per litre).

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