Oil Bank in Derbyshire

Rural Action Derbyshire has an Oil Bank to help people in fuel poverty and unable to meet their energy bills, especially heating oil.

The heating oil price can be very volatile. The minimum order quantity of 500 litres could cost as much as £650 depending on many criteria. Electricity also costs more as households 'off gas' can't take advantage of the 'Dual Fuel' discount.  Sometimes it may mean making the difficult decision between putting food on the table or putting the heating on. This is of particular concern for the most vulnerable including the very young, the very old and those in poor health.

How to apply

See below for details of our Oil Bank scheme and how to apply (via one of the referral agencies listed). The link to the application form is below.

Application Form


You can also make a donation to our Fuel Bank by click on the Donate button. Please mention that you would like your donation to go to the OIL BANK into the comments box. Or, if you use heating oil in your home, simply make sure you're a member of our Oil Buying Scheme and then each time you order you can donate a number of litres to the Oil Bank.


22 October 2021