RAD has engaged with many communities across Derbyshire to help them understand Neighbourhood Development Plans, decide whether to start the process and support those that need it. This can be by providing advice, attending meetings, delivering workshops and/or providing on-going telephone and email support.

What can a Neighbourhood Plan do?

  • It can develop a shared vision for your neighbourhood
  • It can choose where new development such as affordable homes should be built
  • It can identify and protect important local green spaces
  • In can influence what new buildings should look like

Is it tricky?

Neighbourhood Planning is a fairly new community right, giving people a chance to influence how their neighbourhood will develop over around 15 years. Neighbourhood Plans must carry out the strategies set out in their local authority Local Development Plan and must also conform to the statutory regulations that govern all planning.

Neighbourhood Development Plans are produced by a team formed from the community, on behalf of the Parish or Town Council as these are the qualifying bodies. The finished product is a planning document that must must pass an examination AND a referendum in the neighbourhood. Much of the work can be undertaken by dedicated volunteers, but it is time consuming and occasionally technical, and it helps to have an experienced person on hand to guide the group through the process.

Joe Dugdale, RAD's Neighbourhood Planning Officer has nearly 20 years experience with community, parish and neighbourhood plans. Whether it's a one-off piece of advice or guidance over the whole process, Joe's experience could help your neighbourhood get through the process.

We can help - here's how

  • Set up and establish the planning group
  • Organise and run public meetings
  • Recruit and inform volunteers
  • Act as advisor and guide
  • Help apply for Locality Grant funding
  • Providing a range of useful documents
  • Run workshops
  • Provide professional support writing or proofing policies.

Keep up to date

Things change and we also learn from communities who go through the process.  For news on developments in the world of Neighbourhood Development Planning have a look at the Bulletin below:

Bulletin December 2018


If you have a question for Joe, or you would like to sign up for the newsletter, click here. Or call him on 01629 592974, 07743 850127 or email [email protected]