A Victims Journey Blog 2

I’m only allowed to see my parents if he’s there with me.  There’s only one person I’m allowed to talk to now, it’s a friend that he really likes. She said to me that she it sounds like he’s being abusive and I should ring up for some help.  He doesn’t hit me though so its not really abuse is it?? Anyway, who can I talk to, its so embarrassing.  I’ve lost loads of friends and I couldn’t go to the doctors and talk to them, they’ve all known me for years, it would be like telling my mum or dad.  I’m so ashamed.

He bought a punch bag to practice his kick boxing on, he wanted me to watch him.  It was his way of showing me what would happen if I didn’t do as he said, but he doesn’t hit me.

One day after an argument, he beat the dog until it wet itself, but he didn’t hit me.

He went out the other night whilst I stayed at home again with Olivia and he came home with a cut on his nose where someone had hit him because he had his arm around their girlfriend, he said it wasn’t his fault, just a misunderstanding. 

I was stood at the sink washing up and he came up behind me and started putting his hands up my top.  I kept asking him to stop but he just ignored me and carried on.  But he doesn’t hit me, I really don’t think its abuse.  I lived in this house first and he moved in with me, why should I leave, why can’t he just go?

Ill give the Domestic Abuse helpline a ring though and see what she says.  I think I’m probably being a bit of a drama queen really.