A Victims Journey Blog 3

I rang the number Domestic Abuse helpline number today on 08000 198 668, but I made sure I didn’t leave the leaflet lying about, I didn’t want another argument.  I spoke to a really nice lady.  She asked me if I wanted to explain what had been happening at home and what it was that was worrying me.  She said that what he is doing is called coercion and control and that is part of domestic abuse.  She made me realise that I hardly see any of my friends at all and I can't even talk to my family without him being there with me.

She said I could ring at any time, if I felt I needed to talk and didn’t have anyone else to talk to.  I didn’t have to give her my details or anything, just a name to call me whilst we were talking.  It was so nice to talk to someone who really understood what was happening in my life at the minute. It made me realise that its not right, what I’m going through, and it shouldn’t be like this. 

I need to do something about it but I don’t know what right now so I’m going to have a think and ring the helpline again in a couple of days.