A Victims Journey Blog 4

I’ve decided its time to get out.  I saw an old boyfriend and it reminded me of what a good relationship should look like.  I can’t stay like this, its not right for me or Olivia.  I rang the helpline and gave them my contact details this time.  They are going to ring round the refuges in the county to see if there are any spaces for me and Olivia which are not near where I live now.  They also ask if there is anyone else in the refuge who comes from round where I live as well, that would be so embarrassing.  I don’t have to move out immediately because I’m not in any immediate physical danger.  If I feel threatened at any time, the DA helpline has told me I must ring 999 and speak to the police, I’m sure it won’t come to that though.

The DA helpline has just rung me back to say there is a place in the refuge up in the north of the county, miles from where I live.  I’m going to go when he’s at work so there isn’t any fuss.  He doesn’t need to know.  I can get a taxi from mine to the refuge and the DA helpline says that someone from the refuge is going to call me later.  They could have helped me with transport if I needed it but I have a bit of money which I have saved up without him knowing, just enough to get me to the refuge.  The buses are so rubbish around here, they don’t come along very often at all.