A Victims Journey Blog 5

I got to the refuge yesterday with Olivia.  I met up with Trina, she was so nice and had tissues ready for me!  The helpline called to make sure I had got to the refuge safely but now its over to the staff at the refuge, they will help me from now on.  Trina showed me around the refuge and then there was some paperwork we had to do, going through health and safety, house rules etc, all really boring but extremely necessary.  The refuge staff have also been helping me with a housing benefit application and a discretionary fund which is available where I live.  They have helped me get myself a new bank account so he can’t track where I am getting the money out from.  There’s a map in the refuge which shows me the nearest supermarket, GP and pharmacy.  That was so helpful. 

Olivia isn’t old enough for school yet but the staff are helping me with nursery and that kind of thing, making sure that she has a place.  They’ve said that when I’m ready they can help me put together a longer term plan to think about where I could be rehoused.  They can help me bid on a house and get me sorted with any benefits I might need.  I might be able to get a little job once Olivia starts nursery!!!!! I don’t know if I am ready to work yet, meeting all those people, but there is loads of support that the Domestic Abuse charity can help me with, counselling and that kind of things.  If Olivia had been a little bit older they have people who could help her deal with things but she’s only little, she just wants her mum.

It’s so hard moving somewhere different, I’ve lived all my life in one area and I’ve moved away from everyone and everything I’ve ever known. I can have weekends out of the refuge though, if I can safely go and see my parents.  But I think for a while I will stay here and just build my confidence up again.  There’s always someone available on call at the refuge if I need help.


Maybe one day I will get over what he did to me and be able to help other people in the same situation.