The summer holidays have begun. Every year the kids ask why they have never been on an aeroplane, “Sam’s mum takes her to Spain every year, why can't we go?” is what they say. t's hard enough to afford feeding two kids during the holidays, never mind fling to Spain. 

It's not so bad during term time, as they get free school meals, but I have to find extra money to feed them during the holiday as my husband refuses to give me any extra during the holidays and won’t let me get my own job. John, my husband, gets fed up with the kids if they’re inside too much; saying that I’m a rubbish mother for letting them watch too much television. I have to try my hardest to get them out the house as much as possible, although it’s difficult with everything being so expensive now; you can’t even get a cup of tea from the local coffee shop for £2. 

I’ve been cutting back on the food costs to try and save up for a day trip to the sea side for the kids, I know they’d love to go. 

We went on a walk the other day, the kids and I, we spotted butterflies then had some squash and biscuits in the park. As soon as we got back home, I could tell John wasn’t happy. The first thing he asked was how much money I had spent today.  I told him I hadn’t spent anything but he didn’t believe me.  He earns the money so I guess he’s in charge of where it gets spent.  I’m only a stay at home mum.

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