Willow Project Champions

Willow Project Champions have a vital role within their community.  They are not there to take referrals or directly support victims, they are there to challenge attitudes within their local community which perpetuate abuse in any form.

We are looking for people who:

  • Have integrity 
  • Are compassionate and show empathy 
  • Are passionate about raising awareness on the issues of domestic and emotional abuse in rural areas
  • Show a high level of commitment to the organisation in order to see it fulfill its objectives. 
  • Must be of voting age (18 years or over) and eligible to vote in the U.K. 

Willow Project Champions can support us by: 

  • Creatively raising awareness on the issues of domestic and emotional abuse within rural areas of Derbyshire 
  • Acknowledging the importance of specialist support organisations and signposting individuals to such organisations if necessary. 
  • Contributing to the public image of the organisation 
  • Attracting new supporters, Champions and patrons 

They can expect: 

  • A Willow Project Champion Certificate 
  • To receive regular briefings and information about the work of the organisation such as newsletters and emails. 
  • A six monthly Champion networking meeting to talk through any challenges being faced 
  • An invitation to any of the campaigns or events we hold during the year. 
  • To have any queries with reference to the organisation answered promptly 

In return we expect: 

  • Regular contact 
  • All the activities should be done within the remit of their role, because it is essential that Champions adopt consistent messaging for maximum impact 
  • Regularly provide updates about their activities and ensure that their communications with the press about the organisation or issues that pertain to domestic and emotional abuse are appropriate and approved of by the organisation 
  • They conduct themselves in a manner which does not undermine the reputation of The Willow Project 

If you think you could be a Willow Project Champion, please contact us using the form below.

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